Why investing off-plan might be a wise move

Why investing off-plan might be a wise move

 Investing off-plan

Buying a house before it’s even been built may seem a bit worrying for some but for many savvy investors, it’s simply the best way to invest in property.

There’s no denying that property investors who are prepared to weigh up the risks can make very healthy returns when it comes to buying off-plan. Here’s why:

  1. Developers are always keen to cover some of their up-front costs and make sure their housing development is a big success. By selling some of the properties before they are built they can get some early cash through the door. As an investor this means that you can get a good discount simply because the developer wants to make some quick sales.
  2. With house prices on the increase there’s an excellent chance that by the time the property is built it will have already gained in value without you having to do anything,
  3. With many new-builds you can often benefit from stamp duty concessions so this all helps with your profits
  4. By getting in early you can often have the best choice of location on the development. This can add value in the long term.

If you select well established developers with a good track record of success, the risk that many people fear with buying off-plan can easily be allayed. Just make sure that you do your research and due diligence before you rush in.