How the rising costs of Halls of Residence are drawing students to PBSA

How the rising costs of Halls of Residence are drawing students to PBSA

Halls of residence have always served a purpose but do they always give good value for money?

Many students would answer that question with a resounding NO! This was certainly the case with students from the University College of London who refused to pay the consistently increasing rents for their halls of residence. Prices had increased by around 56% over the last six years causing many students to demand a drop in prices.

Student accommodation within halls of residence has never been particularly luxurious and with prices consistently rising, it is little wonder that students are now looking elsewhere for their accommodation. This is where the PBSA sector fits in.

The number of students looking for PBSA (purpose-built student accommodation) has increased over the last few years, resulting in nearly £6 billion worth of investment in the sector in 2015.

Discerning students want good quality accommodation, study areas, high-speed internet availability and spaces for socialising. PBSA have been developed with this in mind and they are proving to be a magnet for students from both home and overseas who immediately see the benefits that they have over traditional halls of residence.

PBSA is an investment opportunity that will continue to grow alongside the increase in UK student numbers and this doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon.