Student property investment: an overview

Student property investment: an overview

According to many property experts, the rapid growth and expansion of student accommodation projects will continue well into the future. The number of domestic and foreign students will grow and since there is not enough adequate accommodation, the demand for property focused on students’ needs will continue to increase.

Of course, demand and supply are closely related to the location. London, Manchester, Birmingham, and other major cities require more accommodation options for students and this is the reason why investors are focused on these cities but there are also opportunities in smaller cities like Bath, Bournemouth and Brighton too.

Performing better than equities, ISAs, and bonds

Students have specific needs when it comes to accommodation – they want good access to the Internet, places that are conducive for studying, rents that include all bills, a secure and safe environment and located close to their campus. These are the key factors that investors in student property need to focus on.

Although the market related to student property investment is a little bit saturated, the ever-increasing number of foreign students and the opportunities for high profit still lure many investors. This is the reason why this investment consistently performs better than equities, ISAs, and bonds.

High demand for student accommodation

Brexit and problems related to immigration could potentially lower the number of foreign students. Of course, no one can forecast this change and if the authorities find a way to satisfy the demands of all sides in the political process, there won’t be any radical changes. Most foreign students in the UK are from non-European countries anyway, so any problems are less magnified.

Student accommodation remains one of the most sought after property investments in the UK and this is the reason why so many experienced investors are planning to invest in this asset class. If you would like to join them, please get in touch.