What exactly do students look for in a PBSA property?

What exactly do students look for in a PBSA property?

Student Property

Glide Utilities, the UK’s only dedicated energy provider for young professionals and students, has recently revealed an annual report which identifies what modern students are looking for from PBSA properties. These are some of the things that the report concluded:

– More than half of the students in the UK want accommodation that includes all the utility bills.

– More than 60% of students require their broadband internet, gas and electricity prices included in the rental rate.

– About 55% of students want to be as close as possible to their university (or the university campus to be more precise).

– Around 33% see ensuite bathroom facilities as an absolute must

– 30% of them want to have access to good transport links.

The majority of students are ready to pay more if their PBSA option ticks all the boxes they need. Thanks to this report we are able to identify the needs of students using these properties which is very helpful for developers focused on PBSA properties. This enables future investors and developers to create more attractive student accommodation and to improve the appearance and functionality of existing properties too. By doing this they will increase occupancy levels and of course – profit.

There is a wide range of PBSA property across the UK so if you’re an investor looking to add student property to your portfolio, get in touch and we’ll advise you on the best opportunities.