How landlords are using Airbnb to avoid void periods

How landlords are using Airbnb to avoid void periods

There’s no doubt that cuts to mortgage interest tax relief and hikes in stamp duty have put a serious dent in landlords’ profits. If you throw into the mix the prospect of void periods across properties in their portfolio, then it’s easy to see how profits could be wiped out totally. This is why many landlords have had to think on their feet and come up with contingency plans.

In light of this, savvy landlords have cottoned on to the idea of using Airbnb to deal with void periods and many are actually increasing their profits by doing so.

Currently there are over 62,000 active rentals on Airbnb. Remarkably, around 64% of these rentals are categorised as ‘multi-listing hosts’ or in other words, landlords.

Increasingly, landlords have been turning to Airbnb to provide a short-term solution to avoid void periods by putting their property or properties on Airbnb until they have found a suitable long-term tenant. Many landlords have also been utilising Airbnb to synchronise their tenancy to begin in a busy season where higher rents can be commanded.

Airbnb has become a very useful vehicle for landlords to generate rental returns and it demonstrates how seasoned landlords have responded innovatively to government legislation.