The growing popularity of airport car park investments

The growing popularity of airport car park investments

With over £50 million now being received in yield income by investors, the airport car park space industry is now proving to be a highly popular investment product in the UK.

 By 2020, the market is expected to have achieved around £250 billion investment and with passenger numbers set to increase by over 220% across most major airports in the next 20 years, this figure is expected to rise even further. In 2015 the car park industry already amounted to £80 billion of investment which, within a five-year term, has seen the market grow more than three- fold.

 It’s growth in popularity with UK and international investors can largely be put down to the low risk and high returns opportunity that it represents, with assured returns on investment of between 8% and 11% being typical for the market.

 Investors in international airports have recognised that one of their biggest sources of income together with landing fees, airline contracts and terminal shopping, is airport car parking. Throughout the UK, major airports have been seeing record passenger numbers and hand-in-hand with that growth comes the strong demand for trusted, high quality and secure car parking.

 Companies such as Aston Darby, who are one of the UK’s leading airport parking businesses, are offering investors unique opportunities to own off-airport car parking spaces from as little as £25,000.

 Offering excellent returns, income paid annually, and a personal title deed registered at UK Land Registry, this is a hands-off managed investment that is attracting investors far and wide.

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