Why investing in airport car parks is an excellent opportunity

Why investing in airport car parks is an excellent opportunity

There are many advantages attached to investing in airport car parks. Airport car parks offer an exceptional return-on-investment, with a large number of airports having reported substantial growth over recent years. Glasgow is just one of these airports and saw a year-on-year footfall increase of 8.9% in April 2017. International traffic increases enabled the airport to enjoy its 50th consecutive month of growth last year.

Outstanding growth

New routes to Europe have been added to the airport’s flights, including long haul flights to destinations such as the USA and Asia. It’s predicted that passenger numbers will triple over the course of the coming decade and that 28,000 new car park spaces will need to be supplied. Investing in car park spaces is ideal for those seeking low entry value, high yield opportunities. Aston Darby is a key investor in Glasgow Airport seeking out new partners to take advantage of the rise in demand for car park spaces. The car park space market is worth £80 billion, and £50 million is now being received by investors as yield income. Double digit yields are expected over the next few years.

Why Glasgow Airport?

There are many great reasons for investing in Glasgow airport parking spaces in particular. The city is the most powerful in Scotland, which itself is the 14th richest country in the world. A 10-year Airport Master Plan investment is already in place, with £300 million being poured into a new runway, terminal and rail-link. Planning permission has already been granted for a new car park, which will be just 1 mile from the airport. The facility is receiving redevelopment investment of £1 million, and passengers will be transported from the car park to the terminals via a shuttle service. All car park spaces have HM Land Registry. The state-of-the-art facility will be fully-automated.

No planning permission necessary

Aston Darby are overseeing the development of the car park, which is a redevelopment of an existing facility. This means no planning permission is required and permission is only required to expand and redevelop the site. All the airport car parks redeveloped by Aston Darby are within 10 minutes of their airports. Any investment you make will be assigned to a specific car park space, and you will manage this space to maximise returns. Any profits will be paid directly to you without third-party shares being taken. The leaseback in the first two years will provide a guaranteed 11% yield, with a 11% and 12% yield in subsequent years.

A legitimate alternative to collective investment schemes

This opportunity is not a collective investment scheme, despite sharing similar features. Collective investment schemes have been criticised and investigated by the Financial Conduct Authority, but Aston Darby offer a legitimate, credible investment opportunity packaged in a different manner. The Civil Aviation Authority is encouraging commercial enterprise to invest in airport car park services, saying competition between surface access operators is the best way to keep prices competitive and service standards high.

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