Record acceptance rates will create huge demand for student property

Record acceptance rates will create huge demand for student property

Now that students across England, Wales and Northern Ireland have received their A-level exam results, many are now looking forward to the next stage of their educational journey at some of the UK’s leading universities and colleges. UCAS have recently released figures showing record numbers of acceptance rates so demand for student property is set to be huge.

According to the figures from UCAS, in England alone, a record-breaking 27.9% of 18-year olds have been accepted for university and college places through the admissions service.

Acceptance rates are similarly high in Wales where a new high of 26.3% was recorded for young people being accepted as undergraduates. In Northern Ireland the entry rate is even higher at 28.1%

And in Scotland, where exam results were received a week ago, approximately 26% of 18-year olds were accepted at their chosen university or college.

The international picture is also looking pretty favourable, with a record 31,510 students from outside of the EU coming to these shores to study in the UK this autumn. That’s up 4% from last year.

Even in EU countries, the number of students has risen by 1% to 26,400 despite Brexit fears.

Commenting on the figures, Clare Marchant, CEO at UCAS, said: “The encouraging growth in international students choosing to study in the UK is testament to the welcome of our world-class universities.”

For investors in student property the above spells good news. The influx of increased student numbers from both home and abroad creates a strong demand for purpose-built student accommodation, making student property investment one of the strongest investment asset classes in the UK.