Student buy to-let property set to ‘skyrocket’ in Scotland

Student buy to-let property set to ‘skyrocket’ in Scotland

The student buy-to-let market will ‘skyrocket’ in Scotland over the next five years because of the expected rise in house prices. That is according to Grant Property, a leading property investment and management company with headquarters in Edinburgh. This forecast comes on the back of a prediction by Price Waterhouse Cooper that house prices in Scotland are going to rise by 20% over the next five years.

Student property has already seen massive growth across a number of key university towns and cities across the UK such as Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham and of course, Oxford and Cambridge. Scotland is expected to see the same surge over the next five years. John Moran , MD of Grant Property, said: “ Purchasing a property for your student son or daughter not only generates income for the student letting out a spare room or tow, but also saves the parent from funding them out of their own after-tax income.

“And with property in Scotland growing in value, thereby providing a sound and safe investment, this makes it a win-win situation all round.

“This is already a popular arrangement for astute investors but is about to become much more popular due to their knowledge that property in Scotland is a safe bet, and as parents see it as a way to make their money work for them and their kids.

“As current enquiries are proving, there seems to be a rush on to purchase now, before prices soar.”