As the pound takes another hit, international investors swoop in

As the pound takes another hit, international investors swoop in

The recent postponement of the critical Brexit deal vote by Theresa May has resulted in the pound falling to the lowest level against the US dollar since April 2017. This has got international property investors excited. Especially those that want to seize the opportunity to snap-up UK real estate at ‘bargain’ prices.

Once the postponement was announced the pound fell to £1/$1.2562 and against the euro it fell to £1/€1.059.

With the pound at such low levels, international investors are now honing-in on UK properties to see what they can add to their portfolios. Despite the chaos surrounding Brexit, it’s worth remembering that there are some fundamentals to the UK property market that keep investors coming back for more. These include:

  • The supply and demand issues in the UK housing market
  • The potential for long-term growth and attractive capital returns
  • Regular income from rental returns
  • The fact that the UK needs to build 340,000 new homes every year until 2031 just to meet current demand

The UK property market remains one of the strongest global investment opportunities around and international investors are alive to that fact. Taking a long-term view, savvy investors understand that once all the dust has settled over Brexit, there will be great potential for strong returns to be made.