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We welcome developers and agents selling on behalf of property developers and funds to partner with Intelligent Investments.

Having access to over 2 million investors we engage with our audience through digital and social channels constantly and as a result we generate a powerful flow of fresh new investor leads every single day through our tried and tested system and delight in seeing you, our clients, prosper time and again from our hard work.

Please read on a little, we’ll be delighted to show off our tremendous capabilities.

Quick audience overview

  • Access to over 2 million UK investors
  • 33% on average have capital over £100K available
  • 55% on average have capital of £50K – £100K available
  • 12% on average have capital of £25K – £50K available
  • Remarketing audience size: 150,000
  • Banner ad views each month: 1 million
  • Active Social Media followers: Over 5,000




Our sophisticated strategies for recognising, defining and categorising well funded buy-to-let investors is largely unsurpassed…

We draw our leads from across all corners of the media to ensure diversity and balance and the leads are always properly qualified, contemporaneous and genuinely hot-to-trot.

Our prices are ultra competitive, our lead sources stellar and our reputation is absolutely second to none.


Ask exactly what we can do for you and your ambitious sales team.


We operate a sophisticated investor lead generation collection process across multiple platforms designed to identify, categorise and value investors who are typically keen to place funds in UK investment products.

Our flow of genuine investors are harvested from the highest quality digital and social media sources every hour of every day.


This ensures that we always have leads to around £50 million in investors cash… money from which your organisation can benefit spectacularly.


We’re always more than happy to chat about how we can help your organisation.