Where are the best student property investment locations?

Where are the best student property investment locations?

When it comes to student property investment across Europe, London is always found among the top three locations. This situation has not changed in many years and it’s no different today, but if you calculate the value of the investment and the yield, you will see that there are other cities across the UK where investing in this kind of property is even smarter. The fact is that rental yield is even more profitable in cities like Southampton, Nottingham, and Manchester. According to statistics, about 25% of homes in these cities are rented and many of them are rented to students.

Here are some of the towns and cities where rental yields are performing the best:

– Hull – 7.5%

– Blackpool 7.6%

– Nottingham 7.7%

– Manchester 8%

– Southampton 8.7%

So, to cut to the chase, rental returns in these cities/towns are sometimes 300% greater compared to the returns expected in London. This is the reason why more and more investors are focusing on locations outside of London. Property investments in these areas are more lucrative because the property prices are lower and the demand is very high, especially when it comes to rental properties.

If you are considering property investment in order to make additional income or to support your pension, then investing in properties in some of the university cities and towns in the UK is definitely worth looking at. For more information, contact us now.