Brits still confident about buy-to-let

Brits still confident about buy-to-let

New research from, one of the UK’s leading online property advertising platforms, has revealed that 19% of respondents to a recent survey about various asset classes, stated they were confident about the buy-to-let market. This is despite the raft of new regulations introduced by the government and upcoming tax changes.

Here are some of the key findings from the research:

  • 34% stated that they were putting their money into high interest ISAs
  • 13% said they preferred premium bonds
  • Only 7% said they would be investing in stocks and shares
  • 25% of respondents aged between 35 and 44 said they favoured buy-to-let as an asset class
  • 15% of respondents aged 55 and over preferred buy-to-let compared to other asset classes
  • Buy-to-let was the most favoured asset class in London with 26% considering it the safest investment option
  • Only 11% of respondents in the north east said they considered buy-to-let to be the most favourable asset class

So, can we draw any conclusions from this?

Well, it does appear there are both generational and geographical variations on how buy-to-let is currently viewed but, on the whole, it appears that despite the hike in tax, buy-to-let still has an enduring appeal for people in the UK. For investors looking for the safest and most attractive way of investing their money, buy-to-let is still leading the way.