Landlords unfazed by Brexit

Landlords unfazed by Brexit

New research released from the Simple Landlords Insurance shows as part of their Landlord Voice Survey has revealed that the vast majority of landlords are unfazed by Brexit and its potential repercussions.

When asked, only 10% of landlords stated that they would consider postponing the expansion of their portfolios because of Brexit. On the other hand, 3% of landlords said they were planning to increase their investment in the buy-to-let market.

Not surprisingly, it is government policy surrounding buy-to-let that has had more affect on the mindset of landlords. Hikes in stamp duty and capital gains tax combined with stricter mortgage rules has left over 40% of the landlords surveyed stating that they have had to re-evaluate their property investment plans over the last 12 months.

Interestingly, around 32% of landlords with five or more properties said they were still planning to make further investments over the next couple of years.

Director of Operations at Simple Landlords, Alex Huntley, said: “Despite the uncertainty and instability in the market, landlords remain remarkably up-beat about their future prospects. The bigger the landlord, the more positive the outlook. Brexit turns out to be the least of landlords worries  – it is government policy that’s causing the most sleepless nights and causing landlords to mistrust policy makers.”

Finishing on a positive note, Alex added: “Opportunities remain for landlords who are focused on managing their investments, staying ahead of the regulatory curve, and growing steadily but surely.”