The most popular alternative investment opportunities

The most popular alternative investment opportunities

As well as traditional residential and commercial buy-to-let, student property, off-plan investments and property development, there are many alternative investment opportunities that are emerging which are gathering pace and interest with savvy investors, Here is a quick overview of the most popular ones:

Care Home Investments

There has definitely been a growing trend towards care home investments over the last few years. These investments offer a share of income from a care home room assigned to the investor. The vast majority of these schemes offer a form of assured income with a capital repayment after a certain period of time. We all know that the UK has an ageing population and with numerous reports in the media about state care homes being stretched to breaking point, it is little wonder that the private care home sector is growing so sharply.

Car Park Investments

Car parking spaces are like gold dust in cities these days and there is good money to be made by investing shrewdly in car park investment opportunities. There are a wide variety of car park investment opportunities across UK cities and many of these offer assured income and repayment of capital. There are opportunities to invest in entire car parks or individual spaces within car parks and as UK cities become more congested, the value of car parking spaces is likely to increase.

Hotel Room Investments

This form of investing has been around for quite a while now and has proven to be lucrative for many investors. By investing in a hotel room, you will be able to receive a share of the income that the room generates, with most of these investment schemes offering a form of assured income and capital repayment. Location is absolutely key when it comes to hotel room investments so its advisable to check on the popularity of the hotel and details such as management fees and maintenance costs.


The property investment market is constantly diversifying and for savvy investors interested in diversifying their portfolios, the above offers some excellent opportunities. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.