Investors from Asia, Middle East and Russia snapping up UK property

Investors from Asia, Middle East and Russia snapping up UK property

According to new research by Investors Chronicle, approximately one-third of all properties sold for £1 million or over have been snapped up by international investors, with Asia, the Middle East and Russia being the primary investors.

Despite all the Brexit uncertainty and general gloom surrounding global property markets currently, it would appear that property in the UK is still one of the world’s most in-demand assets.

Of course, Asia, the Middle East and Russia have always had a long tradition of buying-up UK real estate so perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised. Nevertheless, it’s still encouraging to see that this hasn’t waned in light of all the political uncertainty about the UK’s laborious exit from the EU.

There is no doubt that the weakened pound and the general shortage of property in the UK has contributed to this continued investment, with savvy international investors honing-in on ‘bargain ‘properties and taking the long-term view that the prices of these properties will eventually rise after all the dust has settled over Brexit.

The number of homes coming onto the market in the UK is at an all-time low and with more and more tenants needing properties, the supply and demand issue is impacting both prices and rents. In fact, rents in the UK are expected to rise 15% over the next five years so for investors, UK property is seen as a strong investment opportunity compared to other global markets.